Exhibition Instructions:
16mm film partially projected onto a monochromatic canvas the dimensions of Charing Cross Bridge by Claude Monet, 1899 (25.51" x 32.13")

"Several times we saw him set up on the balcony of his room, overlooking the Thames-Charing Cross Bridge on his right, Waterloo Bridge on his left [...]
 In front of us the Thames rolled its waves, almost invisible in the fog. A boat passed like a ghost. The bridges were barely discernible in that space, and on
 them an all-but-imperceptible movement gave life to the mist's opacity; trains passing each other on Charing Cross Bridge buses streaming across Waterloo
Bridge wafts of smoke that soon disappeared into the thick and livid vastness. It was an awe-inspiring, solemn, and gloomy spectacle [...] One could almost 
believe that everything was about to vanish, disappear into that colourless obscurity."
                                                                                           - Gustave Geffroy, 1900